About DMAK

DMAK Cleaning Services is a family run company founded by Ron Smith. A lifetime resident of Sanford Florida, Mr. Smith coined the name DMAK when thinking of his family, as the name itself stands for Dad, Mom And Kids. Mr. Smith brings the same family values he covets so much into his cleaning business. This is but one reason why DMAK Cleaning Services is not your average cleaning company.

In addition to being a long time resident of Seminole County, Mr. Smith is also a US Navy veteran. It was this time in the service as well as his family upbringing that taught him the value of honor, courage and commitment. This is a big reason why he is a strong supporter of Boy Scouts of America, as the values they teach mirror his own. To discover more about Mr. Smith’s DMAK Cleaning Service Incorporated simply call 407-687-7275 and ask for Ron.